more dinosaur themed stores! more pictures of schoolgirls!

walking around tokyo / looking for a present for mirandablog1990.

it’s just ridiculous that it’s now impossible to find what style Graham Ovenden’s girls were done in. it’s not stated anywhere, because 99% of websites have nothing to say about him, except for accusing him of being a pedophile (whom he never was).

these buildings look like teeth with lots of crowns and braces.

wrote about another 4 movies [ the girls’ and their fathers’/mothers’ problems ]

(previous movie reviews post).

Anonymous asked:
Do you have an eating disorder? I'm sorry if that's intrusive, I'm just curious x

no! but i’m not a healthy person, i have a couple of much more serious problems :’(

  • don’t want to buy the whole magazine because of one interview? just take a picture of the part you want to read.
  • don’t want to go to the badly staged musical, but the poster is cute? just take a picture of the poster.

i need to write an essay

but i’m afraid even to start ;(

my favorite part of japanese gardens is moss, it’s also one of my favorite plants. it’s so better looking than grass. grass seems so untidy compared with moss. and this particular species is like bunch of tiny stars!

two things that made us smile yesterday.

i start to think, that it’s definitely impossible not to feel lonely in tokyo.

it’s raining in tokyo.

the video is called “boyfriend broke the system”, look what is happening with this deer haha :) they are so insolent in Nara, they will literally chase you for crackers.

japanese instructions drive me crazy sometimes (the third one shows you how much water you should fill your bath with according to your weight).