a sakura and a whale.

Anonymous asked:
Do you want to have kids (not now, I mean, someday)?

i do. two girls? although, sister - sister relationship is one of the hardest, if you don’t allow them to turn it into a living hell, it can be one of the coolest.

Anonymous asked:
Ever wear trousers?

i have only three pairs and no access to any of them. one pair is in auckland, one in moscow, and one in tokyo, in a box with other stuff we have to pick up from our friends’ home and transport to new zealand. but it’s true, i don’t like to wear them much, only when it’s v cold. i think, i have only these two pictures of me wearing denim knee length trousers:

Anonymous asked:
How tall are you?


green tights red tights comme des garçons look

we are in the blade runner world [heart of osaka].

cutestuffexpedition asked:
I've been wanting transparent jellies ever since I saw the Big Lebowski too! hahaha. also it's been a long time since we talked and I might've changed my url since so idk if you remember me but hello how are you :-)

hey) of course, i remember you! and yeah, Dude just adds charm to them, it’s a fact.



god, somebody started to reblog these socks again. i posted this picture of my pastel socks three years ago, when they were just gaining popularity. and people are still reblogging it.

it makes me depressed a little :(

it’s incredible, how much we don’t know about tyrannosaurus rex, but think that we do? there never were any answers to how his skin looked like, what colour and texture it was (and it’s not likely that we’ll ever know), if he had feathers (he probably did, his relatives had feathers), or what kind of sounds did he make (the only thing that scientists are sure about is that he couldn’t roar, even though movies continue to attribute this sound to him).

parents (*◡‿◡*)

i saw Dude wearing transparent jellies, and now i want them even more.

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  • M after riding a water ride
  • a squirrel’s grave (a part of the park decoration) with a gravestone saying "He Stopped To See If The Cat WasThere. It Was.

disneyland being extremely beautiful.

favorite pictures from our 2012 disneyland trip. i was 16, and there was a brood of ducks walking through the prams parking area.


  1. we were waiting in a queue for our boat to come, and when it finally came, i heard a japanese lady behind us saying with frustration “it’s not pink…”
  1. when we were passing a bear theater or something like that, we accidentally heard that a show starts in 5 minutes, so we decided to pop in. the whole show was performed by bear animatrons only, and it was pretty ugly, even M said that this is probably how hell looks like. but half of the audience was clapping along the songs performed by animatrons, not even real people!